Hot meat dishes

Hot meat dishes

  Madame in red skirts (Blood sausage with cow berry preserves and stewed cabbages)   9.20 €

Daniel Rebus’s pot (Pot stew with vegetables, beef fillet and green pepper cream sauce)  12.30 €

Slap from the granny (Pork cutlet with minced meat and cheese filling, served with potato - hemp mash and stewed cabbages)  12.80 €

For the delectation of the fair maiden (Fried honey-glazed chicken fillet with red wine sauce)  13.80 €

Flirting with the lady of the court (Duck breast with honey, red wine sauce, cow berry jam andpearl barley with hazelnuts)  19.20 €

In flood of sins (Slowly braised honey-glazed pork breast with green pepper cream sauce)  12.90 €

Castle wall and its strapping guards (Honey-mustard glazed and Braised pork ribs with stewed sauerkraut)   14.80 €

Pork for the big fellow (Pork tenderloin with green peppercorn – cream sauce, hemp - potato mash and marinated beetroot)  16.30 €

Dragging Superintendent Samson to church (Pork with pickled cucumber and cream sauce with potato-hemp mash)  13.90 €

Chop ‘em off! (Bull’s testicles with green peppercorn cream sauce and a side of hemp – potato mash)  16.80 €

Key to Riga  (Morsels of turkey, pork and beef fillet grilled on a special skewer, small sausages, chicken wings, grilled vegetables, potato wedges)
A goblet of wine on the house! 26.20 €

Let that piglet roast! (Smoked knuckle of pork with hemp - potato mash, stewed sauerkraut and horseradish)  26.50 €

Once upon a time, there were three fellows...(200 g) (Beef steak with red wine sauce)  26.80 €

Duke’s pepper steak (250 g) (Beef entrecote with green peppercorn – cream sauce)  23.30 €

Steak of the fat lord (550 g) (Beef steak with grilled vegetables and red wine sauce)  
Glass of red wine on the house!  58.10 €

Sleeping ox (Slowly braised beef cheeks with grilled vegetables and red wine sauce) 21.80 €

Great cry and little wool (lamb rump steak with basil pesto and green pepper cream sauce)  24.80 €

The Devil’s minions (an offer for three comrades) (A smoked knuckle of pork, ribs, pork tenderloin, chicken breast, blood sausage, duck breast, beer sausages and sauerkraut)  63.80 €
3 small jugs of beer on the house!