Hot starters

Hot starters

Garlic bread with hot cheese sauce  6.50 €

A shot fired on Dome Square (Grey peas with streaky bacon and sour cream)   6.50 €

Barley groat porridge with bacon (Grain porridge with potatoes, streaky bacon and sour cream)  6.90 €

Servant boy’s summer (Crêpes stuffed with cheese and ham, served with sour cream)  7.80 €

Madam’s Kartoffelpuffer (Potato pancakes with sour cream and lingo berry jam)  7.30 €

Powder Tower (Potato pancakes with bacon and sour cream)   10.80 €

The Daugava boatman (Potato pancakes with lightly cured salmon and sour cream)  13.60 €

Captain Horn’s catch (Herring fried in beer batter with hazelnuts and snack sauce)  9.60 €

Devil’s Dozen (13 pieces) – (beer-glazed chicken wings served with sweet chilli sauce)  10.60 €